Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening in Selby

We see it all the time in adverts for toothpaste. Actors and models flashing glowing white smiles. It’s easy to think to ourselves “how do I get teeth like that? How do I get teeth so white people can see their reflection in them?”. There are many options available for teeth whitening in Selby, but you need to pick one which is safe and effective. 

The problem with teeth whitening is that there are so many products and options circling the internet. Some people say to brush your teeth with baking soda. Other people tell you to use whitening strips. But what options work? What options leave your teeth a glowing white without damaging them? 

Which Teeth Whitening in Selby is Best?

Like with anything, the best solution is one offered by a professional. Although dentists charge more than your local stores for whitening strips, they do a professional job. It’s not just about making your teeth look healthy. It’s about protecting the enamel underneath.

If you use the wrong technique to whiten your teeth, then this can cause damage to the enamel. This damage will lead to long-term discolouring and increased sensitivity. You could end up in a worse position than you started.

Before choosing a dentist in Selby to whiten your teeth, look at their reviews. Make sure other people are happy with the service they received before deciding where to go for teeth whitening in Selby.

If you’re looking for an easy solution, then make sure you brush your teeth regularly. Twice a day with an electric toothbrush should do the trick. And don’t forget to floss!

Can Teeth Whitening in Selby Cause Permanent Sensitivity?

You might feel some sensitivity after teeth whitening in Selby. However, you don’t need to worry, it’ll pass after a short while. If you’re worried about sensitivity, then try to avoid cold food and drink after your treatment. However, this advice is based on you using a professional, and not cutting corners.

If you use the wrong teeth whitening in Selby, like poor-quality whitening sticks, then this will cause accidental damage to your tooth. If you do this too often, then you might feel increased sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods/drinks. 

When Teeth Whitening in Selby Doesn’t Work

Shop-bought solutions and natural cures might not give you the results you hoped for. They don’t remove stains or spots, so you’ll need to go to a professional for this. If your teeth are very stained or discoloured, then you might need multiple treatments. If you have tried to whiten your teeth and are concerned about getting no results, then speak with a dentist for some advice on teeth whitening in Selby.

Teeth Whitening in Selby

If you need teeth whitening in Selby, then look no further. Our expert team know how to get you long-lasting results that will positively impact your teeth and leave you with a glowing smile.

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