Teeth Whitening is a pretty simple procedure that can boost the confidence and even take years off your appearance! In fact, it’s probably the most popular cosmetic option that our patients here at Park Street Dental, Selby, choose.

It doesn’t take much to achieve discoloured teeth over the years. Surface stains can easily build up by such things as tobacco, red wine, medication, etc. Everything plays its part. Age also makes the teeth become darker. But, it is something which can be reversed.

Teeth whitening, is perfect for people who already have healthy gums and teeth without fillings. However, so you know, teeth whitening won’t work on crowns or veneers – they will remain the same colour. After a teeth whitening procedure, it may be worth considering replacing any veneers or crowns with lighter coloured ones, to match the new lighter shade of your teeth.

Speak to us here at Park Street Dental, Selby, North Yorkshire, ahead of planning your teeth whitening journey, as not all treatments are suitable for everyone. We can talk you through your options and make sure you have your teeth whitened by a registered professional.

If you’re considering a ‘home kit’, please be aware that most off-the-shelf products don’t contain enough of the whitening product to be effective.

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