What Is Private Dentistry?

Most people in the UK are permitted to receive NHS dentistry. However, you may choose to pay for treatment yourself and undergo private dental healthcare. As a private dental patient, you can mix treatment options and have both NHS and private work, for the same course of treatment.

Here at Park Street Dental, Selby, we offer the full range of private dentistry (as well as NHS dentistry) and have the experience, technical ability, cutting edge materials and techniques to back up such claims. Yes, private dentistry does cost more, but the additional expense is reflected in the treatments. For example, it’s likely your appointment times will be longer and more thorough.

Please bear in mind that most cosmetic treatments will not be available on the NHS.

We would like to add, however, that your care and treatment at Park Street Dental, will not differ, whether you are an NHS patient of ours, or a private patient. We treat all our customers with the same care and attention.

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