What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Simply put, it is caused by trauma and/or decay of a tooth which results in microbial infection and inflammation into the middle of the tooth, known as the pulp. Pulp is a soft mass of tissue, which in a healthy tooth, contains living fibres, cells, nerves and a blood supply. If left alone or untreated, it can lead to an abscess or the slow death of a tooth. Known as dead pulp.

This can happen when problems such as cracks, breaks and dislodgement, which may have ultimately worked their way into the root occur. If you’re experiencing pain in your mouth, it feels tender when you chew, or you have perhaps noticed discolouration or swelling, then this might well be an indication that you need a root canal.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

If it’s looking like you need this kind of treatment, we will more than likely take an x-ray of the affected tooth to find out the number and shape of the canals to be treated. We would use a local anaesthetic to ensure you’re not in any discomfort before we begin. We would then make an opening in the tooth and use instruments to access the pulp and clean it out. This will leave a space, which needs filling by way of a root filling. At some juncture, it may be recommended that you have a crown to strengthen the tooth, as a root-filled tooth can sometimes become brittle or darker. ​

Is A Root Canal Painful?

Pulp damage can cause severe toothache, but as soon as the treatment is undertaken, it will settle quite quickly afterwards.

How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Cost?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all with root canal treatment. This is because teeth can be varied in size, which also dictates the number of root canals. Generally, molar teeth will have more canals than anterior teeth.

Talk to us at Park Street Dental and we can discuss your best treatment plan. After all, you don’t want any pain in your purse, as well as your mouth!

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