What Is Preventative Dentistry?

More than likely you had drilled into you, from early in life, that it’s essential to clean your teeth and practice overall dental hygiene, such as flossing. However, the importance of such a simple task was perhaps not explained enough, so later in life, this may have led to gum disease, tooth loss or even tooth decay.

It’s vital we look after our teeth and gums and, in doing so, have more chance of keeping them for life. We work alongside our patients to achieve such a goal.

Even if you wear dentures, you can still achieve good dental health. In doing so, conditions such as mouth cancer and denture stomatitis can be picked up and ultimately treated.

Regular Visits To Park Street Dental, Selby, Means Fewer Treatments And Eradicating Problems Before They Become Serious.

Aim for preventative dentistry for you and your family. Make sure you visit your dentist routinely, which ultimately will save you time, money and keep your mouth in good working order by helping keep bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay at bay.

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