Warning Signs You Need a Filling from Emergency Dentists in Selby

There is no pain like toothache. If you have ever had a rotten or infected tooth, then you’ll know there is nothing you wouldn’t do to get rid of it, including ringing the phone of emergency dentists in Selby. This pain can be a sign you need a filling. Worse, it can be a sign that it’s too late for a filling, and your tooth must be removed. 

So, how do we identify the early stages of decay and avoid toothache? What are the warning signs we need to visit a dentist, so we can continue to flash our smiles and eat without wincing? As emergency dentists in Selby, we know how to spot these signs in advance so you can get treatment before any pain takes place.

Signs You Need a Filling

During the early stages of a cavity, it is unlikely you will feel any pain. However, what you might feel is sensitivity in the affected tooth. This sensitivity will have certain triggers. For example, it might be especially sensitive when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. You might only feel discomfort when you eat sweet foods or drink sugary drinks.

If your string keeps tearing when you floss, then you should visit emergency dentists in Selby. Decay will corrode some of your tooth, resulting in an uneven surface. You might be able to feel this uneven surface with your tongue. If it’s on the side of the tooth, then your floss will get caught on it, causing it to tear. 

Dark spots on your tooth are another sign you need to seek the help of emergency dentists in Selby. These dark spots could be decay. Getting emergency dentists in Selby to look at them early reduces your risk of needing your tooth removed.

What Happens in a Filling?

A filling is when decay is removed from a tooth. Think of your tooth like an apple. When an apple decays, the whole thing doesn’t turn brown at once. You might have a soft brown patch that feels spongy under your finger. You could spoon this brown part out, revealing the healthy apple underneath. A filling is very much the same.

When the decay is removed from your tooth, it leaves a hole. This hole then needs filling, which is where the procedure gets its name from. After anaesthesia, (having your mouth numbed so there is no pain) a small drill is used to remove the decaying tooth. 

Once the decay has been removed by emergency dentists in Selby, your tooth is filled with a composite. This composite will match the colour of your tooth, meaning no one will notice your filling when you smile. 

What Happens if You Don’t Get a Filling 

If you don’t get a filling, then decay will spread through your tooth. Eventually, it will reach the tooth’s nerve, which is when you feel severe toothache. At this point, it’s usually too late for a filling and the tooth must be removed or a root canal must be undertaken by emergency dentists in Selby. 

Emergency Dentists in Selby

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