How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth? Advice from a Dentist Accepting New Patients in Selby

As sweet as sugar. That’s how the saying goes. It’s just a shame that those of us with a sweet tooth could quickly end up with no tooth if we keep consuming sugary snacks and drinks! As a dentist accepting new patients in Selby, sugar is our worst enemy. It’s the leading cause of dental decay and plaque.

It’s no shocking news that sugar is bad for us. But what are the effects on our teeth? Is it as bad as we dentists say, or are we just trying to spoil your favourite foods? Here are the effects that sugar has on your teeth, and why you should be cautious when consuming sugary goods. 

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How Sugar Damages Your Teeth – Insight from a Dentist Accepting New Patients in Selby

Our mouth is full of bacteria. Most of these bacteria are completely harmless, however, some of it can be harmful. Thankfully, they are in such small quantities that they don’t negatively affect your health. What they do is affect your teeth when they come into contact with sugar.

Research has shown that the bacteria in your mouth release acid when exposed to sugar. This acid is normally counteracted by saliva, but if you consume too much sugar, then you can’t produce enough saliva to counteract the bacteria.

The acid released damages the enamel of your teeth. First of all, this will decolour your teeth as enamel is responsible for their shiny white appearance. Then, after time, this acid will start to corrode your teeth and lead to tooth decay. Think of it like your enamel being a wall that protects your tooth. Once sugar destroys the enamel, your teeth are vulnerable to attack.

If you carry on consuming sugar and damaging your enamel, you’ll be looking for a dentist accepting new patients in Selby before you know it! 

If I Stop Eating Sugar, Will I Still Need to Visit a Dentist Accepting New Patients in Selby?

If you stop eating sugar, then this will slow tooth decay, but it won’t stop it completely. If you already have cavities and a build-up of plaque, then stopping eating sugar won’t remove these, but it will stop them from worsening. You will still need to see a dentist accepting new patients in Selby to have the plaque removed, your teeth cleaned, and your cavities filled.

Using mouthwash, brushing your teeth and flossing will all help you to lessen any existing damage. Even taking small steps, like having one sugar in your tea instead of two, is enough to put you on the right path.

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